Building the foundations of your business in Japan

Solid Japan K.K. is a team of experts in Japanese business setup and support. We work closely with foreign firms and new businesses in Japan to provide outsourced solutions that keep setup and ongoing operations costs to a minimum. We have the experience and expertise to help you establish your Japanese subsidiary or start-up venture quickly and properly.

Whether you are looking for an office, need a translator, or require outsourced accounting or payroll services, we offer one-stop convenience, personalized service, and competitive rates. We look at our clients’ businesses as an integrated whole, rather than a sum of various parts, and strive to provide end-to-end solutions. Whatever the stage of your business, Solid Japan can help.

In February 2017 Solid Japan K.K. was acquired by the Equiom Group. The acquisition is seen as a positive development for our clients and our team. Japan can be an extremely challenging environment for foreign businesses and it has always been our goal to help new business start-ups and established multi-nationals overcome these challenges. With Equiom’s global footprint, we will be able to attract new business from all over the world and with the backing of Equiom’s established expertise, we have the opportunity to offer a wider range of services. For us, it will be business as usual and clients of Solid Japan will continue to receive the same personal service from our local team, but with the added benefit of access to a new range of global services under the Equiom umbrella.

Fifteen team members from Solid Japan will join the Equiom team with immediate effect and the company will begin the process of rebranding to Equiom in April 2017.

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